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We have been drifting further and further into politics instead of policy. I have been comforting myself by thinking that politics are a large part of deciding policy.

When I saw the image Adam posted, my immediate thought was that we had finally drifted too far. Then I read Adam's description about the use of technology to push the policy dialogue forward and tried to be comforted but did not find myself particularly comforted.

Anup said yesterday (in the real world, not on here) that he has to work to find the other side of the argument sometimes. Have we drifted to far to the left (besides Mike with his rash of libertarian postings)? I keep hearing that the country is more conservative. Are we living in a liberal bubble? (Sure we are, the left bank.) Is that dangerous or is it a good thing? Are political biases best confronted after being thrown out in the open? Any thoughts?

Oh, I’m not pointing any fingers. I’m the pot and you are the kettle.


Good point Tom.

A few things:

I would have posted that picture if Al Gore had won and taken us into Iraq. I'm certainly partisan, but not rabidly so. I feel its healthy to question, and shine harsh light on sitting leaders.

I can't and wouldn't want to separate my politics or personality from my writing or speaking. I believe that we don't all start off on equal footing in life and redistribution is both fair and smart, I believe in protecting our environment, I believe that markets are best, but they need co-ordination and regulation.

This weblog doesn't have to be any one thing. Its not official, its not sanctioned, if people want to read this, and link to us... Great! Thats a huge compliment. It also has to stay with in the bounds of what its contributors are comfortable with or else it won't work.

Any other thoughts on this?

ps.. you think this was political.. what about this one? Who Wants to Send George Bush Back to Crawford Texas? :)


I agree with Tom about losing focus. Yet I don't disagree with Adam either. Everyone who feels compelled to write here should write with their own convictions, politics, and personality.

But the post is not an opinion or stance on policy. It has little to do with technology either. The image is just an image. You can't refute an image. I would say that if you want to have a good conversation about foreign policy, that an image like this isn't conducive to engaging the other side. (Or the other angle, as I consider libertarism to be.)

I like coming here to hear opinions. I like when Adam is bold in trying to solve the outsourcing problem. I think it is funny when Anup is outraged at the American peoples unwillingness to be taxed. I like hypothesizing on why gasoline prices are on the rise. I think this blog is great.

I wish there were more technology issues talked about, but we may be overlooking something influencing us all. It is an election year. The news and commentary from other blogs is all about politics. Plus nearly every blog in the universe deals with either writing code or rousing liberals. We, my friends, are in new territory trying to be something that is neither.

So I would saw we shouldn't worry so much. This is a decidedly left-leaning blog, but only because I've let...I mean only because our writers make it that way. ;) Just be aware, that the more this blog becomes a stump for touting political feelings, the less this blog becomes a place to have cool conversations.




For those struggling to see the other side

KSG FORUM: Ken Mehlman, Mehlman is campaign manager for Bush-Cheney 2004
The case for re-electing George W. Bush - Harvard Republican Club
04/13/2004, 8:00 PM

It might be worth it just to see what Harvard Republicans look like.



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