American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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BBC reports that the first test in almost two years of the proposed NMD shield has failed. More money down the drain.

Jeffrey Lewis

Are you kidding? He won't shut up about the system. Signing the Defense Appropriations Bill, he said:

"This bill provides $10 billion for systems to defend against the threat from ballistic missiles. Later this year, the first components of America's missile defense system will become operational. This will fulfill a pledge I made to the American people more than four years ago. America and our allies face a deadly threat from ballistic missiles armed with the world's most dangerous weapons. And we will deploy the technologies necessary to protect our people."

My favorite, though, was this bit of braggadacio:

"We say to those tyrants who believe they can blackmail America and the free world: You fire; we're going to shoot it down."

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