American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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Logic, perhaps?


What Mike? I am shocked!

You don't think that it is a conspiracy by the car and oil companies from letting you drive a pollution free vehicle?

Are you telling me that it is not possible to make zero emission vehicles in millions of numbers that will not cost 40,000 dollars?

Are you telling me that Alan Lloyd drank the car industry kool-aid about lack of viability of electric cars?

You gas guzzling oil company apologist!


I'll expand on Mike's answer and state "Consumers making rational decisions in accordance with their personal consumption functions killed the electric car."

As a Californian, driving at least a couple hundred miles to someplace like LA, the beach, or wherever would not be unthinkable but it is something which an electric vehicle is poorly suited for. I could rent a car but seeing as how I'm going to spend thousands to buy a car, I would want it to be capable of a simple thing like a 400 mile drive to Disneyland.

My opinion of the basic problem is that car buyers want a vehicle that can satisfy 99% of their transportation needs and electric vehicles can only satisfy 95% of them for the majority of the population.


This is defiantly going to shake things up with Joe Public...I hope. The fact that Electric cars have been around forever and they've never seen mass production and global marketing is a little fishy. There's some cool vlogs from the filmmakers at Anyway lets hope this sheds some light on a real serious problem for humanity as a whole.

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