American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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Anup, how about the newly unveiled Edwards plan?

* Capping greenhouse gas pollution starting in 2010 with a cap-and-trade system, and reducing it by 15 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.

* Leading the world to a new climate treaty that commits other countries—including developing nations—to reduce their pollution. Edwards will insist that developing countries join us in this effort, offering to share new clean energy technology and, if necessary, using trade agreements to require binding greenhouse reductions.

* Creating a New Energy Economy Fund by auctioning off $10 billion in greenhouse pollution permits and repealing subsidies for big oil companies. The fund will support U.S. research and development in energy technology, help entrepreneurs start new businesses, invest in new carbon-capture and efficient automobile technology and help Americans conserve energy.

* Meeting the demand for more electricity through efficiency for the next decade, instead of producing more electricity.


Well, it's better than Hilary's "no plan" plan, but not without its own populist agenda. I somehow fail to understand the need of American politicians to constantly lie to American people about energy problems. Ok, may be that is too strong a language.

In the Edwards plan, he says Economy-wide Cap-N-Trade, then why does he need to institute CAFE standards? Building efficiency and smart metering are nice additions. As usual there is only a lip service to Coal. How does anybody expect to "stop global warming" with only a billion dollars a year for coal?


I had similar problems with Gore in front of Congress last week. He went with carbon tax as point number two but then strongly endorsed cap-and-trade in the discussion. Why do we need both - why not say, "oh, when I said 'carbon tax' I meant instead of cap-and-trade but if cap-and-trade is the best you can do, go for it."


I was just looking at the Edwards plan for something else and saw that they reference "McFarland, Herzog, and Jacoby" - it must be a good plan.


In Europe there is currently an wind energy revolution going on.
Germany has increased its use of wind energy in 2006 by 26%!
This is a huge example that deserves following by other nations.

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