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March 14, 2005


Mrs Suja .M.roy

The Railway minister
Dear Laloo Prasad
siri travelled in 2nd class sleeper coach in korba -trivandrum exp on9/8/08 the condition of S2& S3 Bogies was very bad all the berth was very old most of the chain stand holding the middle berth was not set in the soket one laying in lower berth were afraid that the middle berth and one sleeping onitwill fall on them .The condition of bathroom was also in abad state NO STAND to keep the soap and mug no hook to hang the towel .same was the condition when i came back from kerala in TVM-KORBA EXP.think about the passenger who has to travei for more than 50Hrs to reach his/her destination sir i request u to consider our difficulty so that we passengers can travell comfortabally .

ved veer arya

please send me postal address of mr. laloo prashad yadav.


Flaw in the Railway Reservation System

Problem 1 (Booking through online reservation system using internet: The ticket availability shows as available with X number of tickets available but reservation system issues ticket with “RLWL” status tickets. Detailed steps and procedures are as follows:

The following are the flaw in the online railway reservation system.

1. I have valid user name and password and login to the system for checking the availability and booking the rail tickets
2. I check the availability for between stations (Example: Bangalore (SBC) and Madurai (MDU) with the specific dates. The system searches and provides the result of the list of trains
3. Select the specific train and find the availability (Assuming the tickets are available with waitlist)
4. I change the from station as Mysore (MYS) and destination as Tuticorin (TN) and the search the train for the same date
5. After listing the available trains, I select a specific train (which is same train selected above) and check the availability. Now the availability shows with the some number of tickets available
6. After seeing this option, I click on book tickets and provide the list of passenger name and required information and the book now
7. The reservation system checks the availability and gives the available number of tickets and asking the user to pay or replan, now I click on the pay now and select the appropriate payment gateway and provide card details and click only once for payment processing
8. Now after successful payment completion the tickets shows without any coach details
9. I went back to the booked tickets and found the ticket is booked as “RLWL” status. Again I went back and searched the availability from MYS to TN, the tickets are very much available
10 .I have tried this reservation many times and found the reservation comes with wail listed though the tickets are very much available.

Problem 2: If I go to the counter and am able to book the ticket successfully from Mysore to Tuticorin and why I was unable to book the same through online.

Problem 3: If I select the same starting and destination, if I book with boarding point as “ Bangalore ” from online or from counter, the ticket comes as “RLWL” even though the tickets are available. Why is the all the 3 problems happening for the passenger to book the ticket seamlessly if it is available.

Problem 3: Is it legal for the passenger to change the boarding point after booking a confirmed ticket?

Problem 4: If it is legal for changing the boarding point why can’t the user to change the boarding point from any of the stations? The passenger is requested to go to the major junction to change the boarding point. With this technological improvement, this possibility should be available for the user by taking some of the authentication information and allow the user to change the boarding point flexibly because the passenger is anyway paying fare for the starting station till mentioned destination.

Mega Problem: I have spent couple of times booking the ticket above mentioned and faced the problem. This issue will save passenger's money, time and fuel for commuting to the nearest railway counter. I appreciate taking action on the above listed issues and appreciate giving updates on the above mentioned issues.

Thanks and regards,

amarjeet kumar

Dear laluji,

im scared that naxalities are threatening my son as he is earning 6 lac per month and coming to india in mid october address is flat no 912, parasnath building,vijaya heritage,Uliyaan,po, kadma,vijaya heritage,jamshedpur .

syed wasim


I am resident OF Mancherial town(DIST:ADILABAD,ANDHRAPRADESH).I Travel mostly from my home town to secunderabad.we have only two major trains (bhagyanagar express andn telengana express).its mostly populated area and so many people board trains for ther daily means.there was huge crowd and people suffered alot.there was no place to stand even.i request you to allot one extra train on festive occasions so that poeple can make journey.

manoj sarkar

dear sir,

my dad and mom are comming through chennai agmor express from guwahati to chennai. There is a huge youth conference going to be held some where in andrapradesh and the train is packed with some 700 odd people. the passenger who are traveling have problems regarding the huge commuters. please do somthing. train schedule is also changed and it suppose to be in chennai 19/10/08 at 9 pm, but now it'll be 12 hours late. please do something ASAP

Mayank Gupta

‘Corcon’ derives its name from the combination of CORrugation and CONcrete. This
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beam moulds to form the suspended concrete slab. The corrugated arched metal sheet
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Dear Laloo Parsadji,

I welcome your decision to give job to the coolies in Railway. But perhaps you have not considered the dificulties faced by the public due to not availability or shrtage of coolies on the platform.
My son in law was going from Ambala to Poona on dated: 2-11-08, but only one coolie was there at Ambala Cantt. Stataion, who was charging Rs.100/- per passanger for keeping their lugage from one plateform to another. He was not ready to put their lugage in the compartment. My son in was injured and having his one arm fractured. My daughter was having his newly born son with her. How a passanger can manage with his bedding and baggage. The same condition is almost at all the stations.
I will request u to kindly look into the matter to provide sufficient coolies at all the stations.

sunita malpani

Dear Sir,

please extend the train awadh assam running from guwahati to new delhi to dibrugarh to newdelhi to help bihar bound passengers.


Respected Lalu Prasadji,

There is utmost need to Start at least six train service between Vasai and Pune.

I hope you will do the needful for the benefir of pepole residing between Mira Road to Palghar.

Thanks and regards,

Praful Vyas.

Anant Kadam

Respected Laluji,

There is need for train between Vasai to Ratnagiri. Presently people want to traavel between Palghar to Ratnagiri has to travel all the way to Dadar or Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus.


Anant Kadam


My friend left me alone. Can someone help me, what should i do.

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Raj Ballabh

Hello Sir,

I have booked the urgent train ticket. whose PNR no. is 2619737838. i have request to u plz confirmed them. because the marriage of my elder brother son. i have reach in marriage is very urgent.

so plz...........plz confirmed them.

i m waiting ur reply sir


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Respected sir, my family is very poor. i have one brother and mother. father had diead. now our family have financial crisis. my mother age 60. so sir please give me one job . please . jai lalu prasad yadav
thank you sir , my name is jincy jose

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