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May 08, 2005




Regarding Economic Freedom, I prefer the Economic Freedom of the World Report brought out by the Fraser Institute and others.

However, I find your objection to the Heritage Report puzzling. Does every publication reflect "the priorities and perspectives" of the publisher?


I object specifically to the Heritage Foundation because they have a very specific partisan agenda, unlike the World bank or the UNDP. I don't know enough about the Fraser Institute, but I think that it suffers similarly. If the IMF publishes an index of Economic Freedom, for example, I think that it may be a useful tool.


I can't speak to all the economic numbers, but I thought the second column was a powerful answer to a good point made by the first: people tend not to believe numbers as much as what they see, but they also tend to see what they expect to see.

I don't really see how getting the government out of people's lives is necessarily going to do the trick. Getting bad government out of people's lives and making good government a reality seems like a more practical prescription. Why is it that (from here, anyway) Indian civil society seems so disconnected from good government?


Saheli, you may have noticed that Yazad actually runs an organization aimed at increasing public accountability in civic government in Bombay.

My perception is that civil society in Bombay has until recently been restricted to privileged members of the society. There are many grass roots organizations, but their energies have been spent on ensuring basic quality of services in the city.

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