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April 20, 2004



This idea is discussed in climate change class with alarming frequency. It is always added to the discussion when someone suggest there are options missing from the model. Something like this:

"In the model we assume that society will take advantage of cheap, readily available solutions. For example, we don't calculate how much it costs to paint the roofs of the houses in the southern states white. If that makes sense, people will do it."


good point. I've actually heard some of the same stuff.

But, I bet a whole lotta people haven't. Whether climate change wonks, hacks (are there more?) use this as a red herring or not doesn't matter to me.

What matters is the word gets out to city planners and decision makers.


But white roofs are ugly.



* You need a link from TechPolicy to here. I shouldn't have to type in the address. It only takes a minute awy from your thesis work.

* IF people think that white roofs are ugly, then they won't do it even if it makes economic sense. Similarly, there have been complaints from some community members about people whose house has solar panels on top. People think that solar panels are ugly.


Anup- you should download an RSS aggregator.

But, yeah, we should also put some links. I think we should link to Anup's blogs as well.

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