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June 07, 2004


Wutender Hund

I think part of Chomsky's problem is that he relies too much on emotional arguments and assertions. He claims to be a follower of Adam Smith, yet uses the left wing jealousy and class warfare rhetoric. If he wishes to claim to be a follower of Smith (pro-market), yet still criticize the current trade relations, he should really be explaining how GOVERNMENT is causing the problems. If a typical person were to read this discussion, he/she might think that the answer is more government involvement. One major problem is that Chomsky does not emphasize the fact that corporations are businesses with extra priviliges from government, which is therefore anti-free market.

Chomsky does not need to sell these ideas to the anti-business left. They already hate the international trading. The people who he needs to convince are libertarians and free-market conservatives. He really should be speaking more of their language. The Cato crowd despises government involvement. Chomsky needs to explain more about how government is part of the cause of the problem here, and not just the corporations. More importantly, he should emphasize that corporations are creations of government. That should get the free market crowd riled up.


it's funny how superficial wutender's hund's understanding of chomsky's lecture is.

chomsky does assert that governmenet is a cause of all this. chomsky says that these bad economic outcomes for regular people don't happen by natural economic laws, but through social planning - which means the government.

why is government doing this to regular people? well, chomsky provides the answer - at the behest of business. that's why businesses lobby in washington dc. if idiots such as wutender hund could put two and two together, they'd maybe be able to see what's in front of their eyes: the chief architects of policy are the merchants and various business classes (as adam smith said).

all chomsky does is quote passages from adam smith's "wealth of nations" which conservatives and libertarians don't like to pay attention to, because it undermines their own beliefs. well, we're interested in what adam smith actually says, not what some idiot conservatives believe.

oh yeah: chomsky's arguments are among the most dry in the world. he quotes from government documents or from a credible source (like adam smith), and then gives logical commentary based on the quotation. please, wutender hood and other so-called 'conservatives' - read "wealth of nations" beyond the first 10 pages.

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