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December 12, 2004



I am a research student at london university.
I read your article and it is quite good as well.I am doing a project on ringtones named 'Sociology of Ringtones'.I have started doing the literature review and still searching some good articles.Can you plaease suggest which articles are good for me to use and can you please tell suggest me the following question to answer:
6. Why Social Scientific analyses of fashion or trends or customisation
6.1 Psychological Models-gender distinction, age group (downloading ringtones in order to grab other’s attention
6.2 Why it is a social phenomenon – Effect on culture, interaction and attitude of the youth within the society
6.3 Social impact on the economy.

7.Hypotheses about why ringtones are of such interest (and why some
apparently similar things are not)
7.1 Downloading ringtones in order to gain other’s attention. Is that true??
7.2 Considering it as a hobby
7.3 What is appealing ?wide range of cover or wide range of ringtones?

I would be glad if you could reply me with valuable information.I have given my address .


i'm addicted to revgtv 's mp3 ringtone converter, making my own ringtones from cd's is fuckin addictive. currently slamming alamaba 3's woke up this mornin on my lg 7110 on verizon. it's the soprano's theme!!!!

if yer to lazy to make yer own try matrixm for free ringtones

they got like 60 000 free ones, real music too.


opps forgot the links. its http://www.revgtv.com and http://www.matrixm.com

one lets you make mp3s into rigntoens free and the other ha slike 60000 free ringtones


Sam Mancuso

Good article. Ringtones are such a huge business because people grab them not knowing what kind of an offer they are accepting. I strongly recommend anyone wanting to add ringtones to their phone use a one-price, unlimited download plan such as those I discuss at http://www.squidoo.com/onepriceringtones

Free Ringtones

Hey havey ou guys tried http://www.ringaholic.com yet. You can literally Download free ringtones. Download 1 or 10000 ringtones all for free. No sign ups, no memberships, no fees.

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