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The US Patent Office invalidated Eola's claim for launching applications from a web browser. This is a huge help to Microsoft, who would have had to make big changes to their Internet Explorer, and pay a half billion dollar fine.

This is also good for innovation. Such a broad patent claim stifle's innovation from new services that can be launched from an open platform such as a browser.

Not clear if this is to be a broader trend where the patent office is more selective in how they issue patents, or if it was just the result of big time research and public pressure to invalidate this odious patent.

Score 1 for sound policy.


Eolas's entire patent ruled invalid today. Score for Microsoft, as they will no longer have to pay a half billion dollar fee.

Score for all internet users, developers are free again to design applications that launch from a browser


Acacia's patents are still alive and well though... and so are BTG's.

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