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First, let me state unequivocally that I hate spam. But I do not like the stamp idea. I fear "feature creep." The kind the article alludes to where eventually the ISPs would be charging everybody for emails sent. I don't prefer that solution. Plus I'm skeptical that it will even work.

I want to offer a different view. Spam has peaked. Within a few years, we will hardly notice Spam. Personally, in the past six months, spam has bothered me less and less. On my Yahoo account the "Bulk Mail" feature works great. I will admit, if I leave the account alone for more the five days, it fills with 100s of messages, but one-click and they are all gone. On my MIT account (which I was careful not to give out to website / magazines / whatever I was skeptical about), I still get Spam, but the school Spamscreen feature has worked great for me.

My bet is that pretty soon, nobody will be clicking on spam email. If no one follows the links, the scams on the other side disappear. I know they only need to hit a fraction of a percent of the people they send to, but pretty soon things like Spamscreen and the Yahoo Bulk Mail will never let these emails see the light of day, and if they do, people will know to pay no attention.

You heard it here first, Spam has peaked. It's not going away immediately, but I think its all downhill from here.


I agree with you Mike, and I will remember that I heard it here first! I don't like the email stamp idea one bit. When I heard Bill Gates Speak about a spam free culture, I thought that he had some bright idea. (BTW, I get NO spam on my hotmail account). However, it seems like is just another bright revenue generation scheme from Mr. Gates, Yahoo and others.


"This week's sign that the "SPAM"-apocalypse is upon us."

A USA Today article on Feb. 12th highlighted how the fight against spam is leaving the virtual world and branching into the physical. While the spammers sound undeterred, I say its only a matter of time before they cave.



Another sign that the "SPAM apocalyspe is upon us."

TechDirt wonders what is more profitable: spamming or spam fighting.


Newest sign that "The SPAM apocalypse is upon us."

The BBC reports on the arrest of a Nigerian as part of the infamous Nigeria 419 email / spam fraud. Damn...and I was hoping to get the 49.75% of $18 million.


The daily Show on High-Volume Email Deployers!


FURDlog has an update on digital stamps and the Penny Black Project.


Hey I love stamps

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