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Interesting stuff. There is more on cell phone jammers in this December Slate article.

The early focus of the article is on the security uses of cell phone jamming.

A cellular "security bubble" in London could have protected Bush from a very real threat: terrorists who use cell phones to detonate bombs from miles away, or even another country. By connecting a cell phone to hidden explosives, and then calling that phone, one can detonate a bomb (the electrical charge that activates the ringer on the cell phone serves as the triggering signal). In May 2002, Palestinian militants in Tel Aviv nearly caused a major explosion when they placed a bomb wired to a cell phone in a fuel truck headed for Israel's largest fuel depot. (The bomb detonated, but the fire was put out.)

Maybe you have a business partner in the Department of Homeland Security?


Thanks Tom,

I think that’s a great example of how giving technology innovators room to operate opens up creative, value-generating applications that no one could think of beforehand.

Using cell jammers to block terrorists using cell phones as detonators for bombs would have been a laughable Tom Clancy plot four years ago. Now it seems like a potentially useful application of technology.

The FCC should have to review this regulation. If they find that technology advances have been made that could block cell calls only in a limited and restricted area – they should change the rules to reflect that. They could specify parameters that legal jammer devices would have to meet. Or, they could require an organization to get a permit from the FCC or city hall to use one.

Francisco Cabal

Jammers could be an easy cheap way to fight the extortion and kidknapp industry in countries like Colombia, were, according to the authorities, 50% of extortion and kidknapp related crimes are performed through cell-phones located inside prisons and jail. However, the legallity of their sale and use is yet to be determined due to out of context laws similar to the ones banning the jammers in other jurisdictions.

Al Funcoot

People using cell phones inapproprately and without decent, traditional regard for others have brought this backlach on themselves. The same thing happened with smoking. I will use jammers to end the nuisance of cell phones going off in my classroom, as well as the distractions of text messaging, cheating on tests, and other annoyances--all symptoms of badly mannered people badly brought up.

Al Funcoot
Monroe, NY


I too am annoyed by cell phones ringing at inappropriate times and by inconsiderate boors talking loudly.

But there's another side to the story. My wife and I bought our first cell phone several years ago. The reason we were early adopters was because we have a special needs daughter: She's mentally retarded and has epilepsy and many other medical problems. We need to know IMMEDIATELTY when something happens to her.

One way we keep our sanity is to have caregivers take care of her while we go to a movie or a restaurant. If someone calls one of our cell phone numbers (we have two now), we don't want them to leave a voice message that we can listen to after the movie is over.

Whenever we are in a sensitive situation, we always put our phones on vibrate and turn off the ringer. If anyone calls (and that happens very rarely) we immediately get up and answer the call out of earshot.

Now I know we're unusual in that we use our cell phones primarily for emergencies, and NEVER for idle chitchat, but we would be VERY upset to learn that an establishment we were relaxing in didn't allow us to answer our phones.

d short

These jammers are not illegal to own, for example, in the UK, but are illegal to operate - following a law which dates back all the way to 1949! when the Brits in power were even more arrogant to the individual than Blair's current gauleiters. It can be difficult to have one ordered on line delivered to the UK or even an EU country but the Far East suppliers tend to 'work around' the problem. Otherwise have one delivered to a non-EU accommodation address - try a hotel you 'intended' to visit and then passed onto you. For UK people, remember that the Channel Islands are not part of the EU....
And don't go for that guff about 'oh what about emergency phone calls'. I am sure we did v well on that score ten years ago when virtually no-one had a mobile. If others talk about their 'right' to communicate, do we not have the right to peace and quiet?





On this same subject-I recently bought a jammer from, and it definitely works! I finally got fed up enough with the pointless and offensive conversations around me while traveling on the train to actually do something about it. Its so nice now to silence users around me when they get offensive. I believe in these 'security bubbles' and until something else is done to stop these annoying users, users must protect themselves. What do you think? I hope this helps someone!


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Everything has an advantage and disadvantage. While cellphone jamming can prevent terrorist attacks, it can also prevent someone from getting help during emergency. So, I guess, we should look at it closely before propagating such strategies. Just a thought.

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i hope the only thing this is used for is for security. Anything else would be harassment.


They should be used to keep the guys at the movies from disturbing you when you watching a movie and to keep the learners in school from using there phones

The website below sells some great jammers

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Schools & prisons will enter the (U.S.) news a lot more in the near future as they challenge the antiquated laws that govern cell phone jammers.


Great article from PCWorld on this.

Rick Peterson

I am concerned about the health risk of cellphone jammers, what information can you provide?


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Thank you for this wealth of information i also hope the only thing this is used for is for security. :)


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It is high technology, i think it may be used for the wrong way!

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that's sort of a problem, because you can't restrict someone for using his own cellphone, maybe you can put some signs in your place!


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students are copying in exam hall.There these must be instituted.But now they have overcome this issue by keeping cell phone outside and carrying blue tooth device with spy(wireless) ear phone..some one dictating to them answers..can any one suggest how to jam blue tooth signals in exam hall.I think whole world(student community) to an extent are copying.DR.SURESH

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