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I might suggest that you take some baseline searches as well, so you can correct for the increase in Overture usage that may "naturally" occur. Pick something benign that isn't seasonal (i.e. "Santa Claus") or some pop culture blip (i.e. "Janet Jackson").

Maybe "hipster" or "Care Bear".


The movie is already starting to grab headlines. Bridgid directed me to this New York Times article that talks about NASA's reaction to the movie.

"No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to do with" the film, said the April 1 message, which was sent by Goddard's top press officer. "Any news media wanting to discuss science fiction vs. science fact about climate change will need to seek comment from individuals or organizations not associated with NASA."

Copies of the message, and the one from NASA headquarters to which it referred, were provided to The New York Times by a senior NASA scientist who said he resented attempts to muzzle climate researchers.

Late last week, however, NASA appeared to relax its stand on discussing the movie. Though she did not disavow the e-mail, Gretchen Cook-Anderson, a spokeswoman at NASA headquarters, said on Thursday that the agency would make scientists available to discuss issues raised by the film.

Interestingly, tonight it is a search for ice age that brings up articles about the movie on Google News and not climate change or global warming.

And we already have some chatter right here on our own boards.

Adam Smith

The May search terms are in from Overture. Results: the movie had no impact on people's interest in searching for information on climate change and its solutions. Doesn't mean that this didn't raise awareness, but it didn't get people off their ass to investigate more.

"The Day After Tomorrow" came in with a whopping 417,000 searches on the Overture network.

Global warming held constant at 76,000

Climate Change dipped a little to 8,500

abrupt climate change held steady at 300

carbon sequestration steady at 750

renewable energy steady at 8,000

solar power steady at 28,000

energy and environment steady at 1,500



Can you please do the following search for me "The Day After Tomorow"? I suspect that there are going to be hundreds, if not thousands of these.


didn't give any results. it corrected for spelling and gave me results for day after tomorrow

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