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Just got word back from Krishnan, here's the forum he refered to... looks pretty cool. But always beware when conferences promote their "invited guests"

Details below -
On behalf of the Indian-American Forum for Political
Education (IAFPE), the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, and ten prominent Massachusetts-based South
Asian business and civic organizations, I would like to
extend an invitation to you to participate in our
upcoming debate “Outsourcing: Addressing the
Socio-Political & Economic Impact on Americans.” The
event will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (Cambridge, MA) on Saturday, April 24, 2004
from 12:30 ­ 3:30pm.

On April 24th, we expect an audience of 500 influential
Indian American academics, entrepreneurs, sociologists,
journalists, undergraduate and graduate students. This
will be the first dialogue of its kind in the
Boston-area where such a cross-section of individuals
will be assembled to discuss outsourcing/off-shore
development and its implications on us, as Indians and
as Americans.

The format of the event will allow you to hear,
first-hand—the opinions of first and second generation
Indian Americans. Your analysis will inspire Indian
Americans of all generations to begin this dialogue and
carry it forward as the election nears. As both Indians
and Americans, we especially feel the urgency to
address the issues described above and believe the
event on April 24th is the perfect place to start.

Confirmed speakers include:
Mr. Dick Gordon, Host of “The Connection”, National
Public Radio - Moderator
Professor Amar Gupta, MIT Sloan School of Management
Max Michaels, Managing Partner, CRYZTAL
Ian Fletcher, VP Government Relations, American
Engineering Association

Invited speakers include:
The Honorable Senator Christopher Dodd, D-CT
Mr. Lou Dobbs, Host of CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight’
Ms. Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice President,


I took a job working on this film Thursday. We did interviews with Rohit Khanna and Ian Fletcher today at The Indian American Conferencefor Political Education: OUTSOURCING: Addressing the Social, Emotional & Political Impact on Americans

Both were very impressive speakers and original thinkers.

Ian represented the American Engineering Association and gave the most cogent defense of protectionism I've ever heard. I hope Krishnan puts that clip on the web.

Rohit ran (and lost) for the 12th district congressional seat in California against a 12 term incumbent. He's now working to elect Senator Kerry as president. He's definitely a guy to keep an eye on in the future. His interview was more constrained then Ian's but was a good political take on the subject of outsourcing.


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