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No comment on the Kerry thing.

Anybody else have stories about the post-victory celebration? Hope no TPPers got shot in the eye.

I hold the contention that this baseball postseason will be remember as the greatest off our lifetime. It was historic by many measures, plus the ALCS and NLCS were extremely dramatic. I was hurling things around the room in Games 4 and 5, trying to coax out a victory for the Sox.

And the boys were fun to watch the whole time. So many likable players on this team. They seem to be the exception to the professional sports rule. Pro players are often hard to root for... million dollar salaries and seemingly nothing but whining about anything. But this team was easy to pull for, at least in my book. Who didn't love seeing Johnny Damon get redemption in the ALCS Game 7 with his grand slam. Or Bellhorn finally silencing the calls for Pokey with his 2-run, game-winning shot in WS Game 1. Or Schilling pitching at a tendon and a pray. Or Dave Roberts with the most clutch stolen base I've ever seen. Or Varitek struggling to figure out where that damn knuckleball was going. Just loved watching them the whole time.

Only wish I could have been in Boston...


My memory of this postseason will be standing in a darkened living room yelling obcenities at A-Rod after he knocked the ball out of Arroyo's glove. That was the emotional high point for me. Well, that or Foulke's save later that night.

The World Series games were great because of their outcome but Game 1 was the only one that was tense for me.

I think of myself as one of the shortest suffering Red Sox fans (I only started really rooting for them last postseason - some might argue that does not qualify me for the term "fan"), now I can go back to a strict diet of having the Philadelphia Phillies let me down.

Speaking of the Phillies, when I read your comment, Mike, all I could think of was the 1993 Phillies.


A-Rod was a frustrated little whiner on that play. I could not believe the umps actually got together and got the call right. Unbelievable. Twice in one game.

The peak for me was Game 4, when they brought Mike Myers in to face Matsui in the 11th, and he promptly walked him on four pitches. We were already low on pitchers and he was yanked immediately. I almost flipped my futon over. Luckily, it didn't cost them.

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