American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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Cheers to Susan.

I always felt the energy effort at MIT was disjointed. Lots of effort, but no common goals. Even when like-minded individuals came together (as in LFEE) there still seemed to be a high degree of research "silo"-ing. Wouldn't the dialog about sequestration be more interesting with technical input from Course 1 or economic input from Course 15? Wouldn't the future of nuclear research have benefited from CEEPR input on CO2 policy, rather than punting and saying nukes look good _assuming_ a carbon constrained world?

So, cheers to Susan. I can't wait to see what tangible research projects come of this. Almost makes me want to go back to school.


Yes, indeed, cheers. There is a part of me that wishes Pres Hockfield had mentioned ESD or LFEE by name. Shining a light on the existing structure may have helped it in the long run.

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