American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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Doug L

This article misses what the scientists are actually saying. They are shying away from a previous claim:

"It is likely that the rate and duration of the warming of the 20th century is larger than any other time during the last 1,000 years"

This seems rather important to determining the level of concern that is justified.
I document this here.


Doug: You are trying to give an impression that the "two findings" as you call them are separate. In fact the two statements you refer to appear in the IPCC report one after the other.

More importantly, this is another attempt to distract from what is the real issue at hand. The real issue is that Rep. Barton's inquiry in to the matter is much less about knowing the scientific facts, and much more about intimidating scientists. This is an example of trying to fix the facts around a policy, and should be strongly opposed by anybody who cares about scientific research whether it is related to climate change or not.

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