American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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I listened to several sessions of this conference, and will listen to others afterwards. What jumped at me was the following: While Democratic leaders such as Joe Biden and Wes Clark were making, imho, dry, political and uninspiring speeches (Wes Clark in particular seemed to be begging for applause with his remarks), two republicans took a very pragmatic position and offered some good ideas. Listen to what Rita Hauser and Chuck Hagel (R-NE) had to say at the conference. This is only the third speech I have heard from Hagel. The previous one being given at the Institute of Politics at the Kennedy school in Harvard. Listen to that speech here. He also spoke at the Landon lecture series at K-state two years ago in a speech titled America's Purpose in the World. Overall, I should say that I have found his rhetoric impressive. I do not know much about his record in the senate though.


Following up on the Terrorism, Security, and America's Purpose conference, New America Foundation and American Respect are organizing a one day seminar titled Beyond Bullets: Economic Startegies in the Fight Against Terrorism. Speakers include Seymour Hersh and Hernando de Soto.

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