American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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The same issue of the NYT had an article on geothermal heat (Heat From the Earth to Warm Your Heart). It is amazing what higher energy prices and a some government incentives can do.


That should say "heat from the earth to warm your hearth" - but I am sure it can warm your heart...


Anybody else find it funny that Rogol only cites himself.

I can't seem to get a hold of his "well-received" report in Photon Magazine. If anybody finds it, please link.


You can find the Photon report here. The references in the ESD Reports article are pointers to the publications of the person whose work is being featured, hence all the Rogol references. Actual citations can be found in the research reports, I think.


Dan Gross still thinks that there is a bubble developing in alternative energy sector.

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