American Automobile Fuel Consumption Debate


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Electric car concept was very nice but
Why it was not accepted by the people
it is only because of its capacity of
low battery and functionality. Thanks for sharing this information. Let hope in the near future this problems would be solved.



Electric car doesn't cause any fuel emission.
Most important thing there is pollution by use of this car. If you really want to save our future electric cars, hybrid cars are the key factors.
Thanks for sharing...

..... Mark

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It's true that a lot of people still doubt the capabilities of hybrid cars. For environmentalists like me, I think a hybrid car is one of the solutions that will help keep the environment clean. I was planning to buy a hybrid for my family, hoping that the car dealerships in Indianapolis, Indiana would have one up for sale. Well, a regular car would be okay, but as much as possible, we want to have a hybrid.

Oh, I really hope that the Indianapolis car dealers have hybrids for sale! I've watched a video before about those cars, saying that the hybrids require less maintenance costs. That's one more factor that got me reeled in.

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this is one of the most easy question you could do, of course that guilty people for this, are the oil companies owners, you can hear them all the time talking bad about electric car.

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